Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The end of the affair

Lady Caroline paid Murray a visit in December of 1816,. They are like two ex wives of the same husband getting together to talk about the man who has just got married again....she writes to Murray...

It is strange but my visit to your house today has made me miserable. After all what a life mine has been and how irregular our aquaintance. You must show me the seal when it is done. Is not life strange? Whatever he is, and however I have abused him, if I believed him at any hour unhappy, would not I go thropugh the fire to serve him. That child of his. Will it be like him? But what is all this to me? Your room speaks of him in every part of it, and I never see you without pain. I think you have been a sincere, upright and manly friend to him and me.

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