Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Where the Elite meet to Aesthete Part One

The Quarterly Review...issue number one

(Like the address in Albemarle Street
and the memory of Byron
The QR is a constant for the House of Murray)

When John Murray awoke and found himself a gentleman,
he bought a house where gentlemen could meet

(on the proceeds of Child Harold
he bought the house from John Miller
at Albemarle Street.
Miller had turned Byron down...
it's all a bit like Decca
and the Beatles...)

But he already had a meeting place
for gentlemen

The Quarterly Review

Where the reading of the best kind of people
went public every month
Or as public as a cost of 1 s every quarter year
could be

And I'm looking at number 1
The number printed for February 1809
As printed by C. Roworth
Of Bell Yard, Temple Bar.

...a dense journal in quarto pages
260 of them?

Who is going to read it now? Why?

who was reading it then?

What does what it says tell us
about when "Then"
was "Now"

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