Monday, 22 March 2010

Caroline Lamb's first fan letter

Childe Harold

'I have read your book and cannot refrain from telling you that I think it beautiful. You deserve to be and you shall be happy. Pray take no trouble to find out who now writes to you. As this is the first letter I ever wrote without my name, will you promise to burn it immediately and never to mention it? If you take the trouble you may very easily find out who it is, but I shall think less well of Child harold if he tries - though the greatest wish I have is one day to see him and be acquainted with him...'

Byron sent her no reply...She sent him a poem two days later

Oh that like thee child harold I had power
with master hand to strike the thrilling Lyre...
then all confidsing in my powerful art
even I might hope some solace to impart
To sooth a noble but a wounded heart
Wounds...wounded hearts...she had a wounded heart...she told us so very often...Reading Byron opened her way into her own feelings
Admiration interest is free
And that child harold may recieve from me

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