Monday, 22 March 2010

Man in the Mirror 7th July 1818

Is Murray attempting to remake himself in the Byronic mode? feels like that sometimes Letter 110 Tuesday 7th July 1818
"as usual you are very lenient with my sins of remissness ...which arises from a love of ind
olence which is suffered too much to encrease
We get a momentary flash of of the unlikely image of Murray reclining exhausted from sensibility, wrapped in a dressing gown and puffing on a hookah...

Now, when talking about Byron's work, he affects Byron's affected carelessness
"May I hope that your lordship will favour me with some work to open my campaign in novemeber with - have you not another lively tale like Beppo - or will you give me some prose in three volumes - all the adventures that you have undergone, seen, heard of or imagined with your reflections on life and manners..."

As if he's reinventing himself AS Byron...the kind of man Byron might like, get on with...He has grasped the poet's narcissism, and is making himself into a mirror...

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