Monday, 22 March 2010

Celebrity as Sacrifice

We know now that what we call celebrities are in some way sacrifices, martyrs to attention, that their exemplary self destruction for the crime of being is always, always intrinsic to the plot. They're doomed from the's one reason for our fascination...they are ghastly...another good word that means more than "really bad"...or used to...

Anyway, there is something of death about them...they are mad, bad, and dangerous to reason why we are content, nay eager, to live through them vicariously , to watch them. They are us, we feel, if only we dared...but we don't dare...we are profoundly GLAD we don't dare. Look what happened to THEM.

This was something else for Murray and Byron and Caroline Lamb to discover, that for celebrities, love is always more than half resentment...

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